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Who Am I?

Hello! Federico Bartoli here. I work as a frontend developer for the esteemed Exelab.
My daily employment involves me in the realm of coding, but my interests and passions are diverse, presenting a vivid portrait of the person I am at my core.

I've always been intrigued by how technology can alter the world. I started building websites for neighborhood businesses in my hometown when I was just 10 years old, earning the label of "nerd". A title I proudly embrace, driven by a never-ending desire to learn and master new technologies and develop original digital experiences.

dino with headphones on

My identity is inextricably linked to my creativity. I've discovered original ways to convey this creativity because I used to play music and sing. Even if music is no longer the focus of my life, it still has an impact on how I perceive coding—like creating a symphony of code. My interest also includes the cutting-edge field of blockchain technology. I'm a devoted supporter of Cardano and a proud veteran catalyst advisor (Now im working as Level1 but even level 2 in F10). I'm looking forward to how the blockchain technology will change the world.

dino with glasses

In addition, I'm a huge fan of immersive video games like Final Fantasy IX and I'm now looking into the Unreal Engine for a potential personal project. Another one of my great passions is dinosaurs, so much so that my website's logo is a pink dino.
I am Federico Bartoli in my most basic form—a creative nerd, a silent musician, a blockchain fan, and a dinosaur enthusiast. Hello and welcome to my complex world.

dino with wizard cap like vivi of final fantasy 9