Journey into the World of a Dinosaur-Loving, Music-Playing, Frontend Developer

Welcome to my first blog post, hello world! Federico Bartoli is my name, and if you've been to my website before, you've probably seen my pink dinosaur logo and learned about the core of my career as a front-end developer, which revolves around things like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ReactJS, React Native, React Query, Zustand, TypeScript, Astro, HubSpot, and more. I'll take you on a tour of my individual universe in this post, covering everything from code to music to dinosaurs and everything in between.

At the juvenile age of ten, when I started building websites for local businesses, I fell in love with technology. A lifelong passion with the digital world began at this period of exploration and curiosity.

However, my story involves more than simply computer code and technology. There's a part of me that enjoys being creative and expressing myself through the arts. I used to be a vocalist and musician who would give rhythms and notes life. (see this)
Even though music no longer occupies a central role in my life, my passion for it has never subsided. In fact, I think that coming from a musical background has helped me approach coding differently, as if I were writing a symphony of code.

You'll discover my deep interest in blockchain technology, particularly Cardano, if you explore more. I'm excited about the revolutionary potential of blockchain technology as a Veteran Catalyst Advisor and am eager to help shape its future.

Deep, engrossing video games like Final Fantasy IX may transport me to a world of heroic quests and magical creatures during my free time. My current exploration of the Unreal Engine for a future personal project is likewise motivated by my love of narratives and complex environments.

Let's talk about the pink dinosaur in the room last. Dinosaurs represent individuality to me. My own life path resonates with their passage through time and unique existence on our planet. Therefore, a pink dinosaur was the undisputed winner when it came time to select a logo for my website.

I have a strong interest in brain psychology outside of my work endeavors. I'm fascinated by the intricacies of the human mind, and I'm presently reading LSD My Problem Child, which is providing me with a ton of food for thought.

This blog's primary goal is to share knowledge and experiences from my diverse environment, which includes technology, creativity, blockchain, video games, and dinosaurs. Whether you're a fellow developer, a blockchain enthusiast, a dinosaur fanatic, or just a curious soul searching for a nice read, I hope you'll come along on this adventure with me. Don't forget to follow me for regular updates if you like what you read! (You will be able to do this when I enter an input for the newsletter ahahaha)

Until the next time, keep exploring and being interested!